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It tastes so black

This one is a path to our minds. No bullshit, no shortcuts, it's the kind of stuff that makes you say "aww fuck!"

Curated every month with a theme that reflect our mood at the time of the making.
We will share a inspirational visual and interesting fact with every update.

Melt your face

Slow mesmerizing shit that makes you feel like "what the fuck? where am I?!"
We're pretty sure you'll get these goosebumps. 

Updated every month with the best sweetness available. 

Good vibes

When you are high as a mofo, and you don't care because you're feeling good. 
This one set the tone to have the best time in your life.

Updated when we have something to celebrate.

Fucked up before 6

Self explanatory, this is the sound of day drinking. 
Please share cocktails recipe, great liquors and good wines with us. 

Updates every time we get dead drunk.

Original Gangsters

Sometimes, we just feel like we don't have time for all the bullshit in the world, like none of the that pussy shit. 
When you feel invincible, this playlist is your go-to.

Updates will be minors here.

Oldies but goodies

Oldies but goodies, ashy to classy, this sounds defines us all. 
Original classics, it's about being timeless here. 

A real classic don't need updates.